How did you come up with the idea for Famara Total?

After seeing the rising interest in mountain running and the possibilities that Famara presented, we proposed the Council of Teguise to create a new, different race. The council took over the proposal and turned Famara Total into an important touristic and sporting event in the Municipality of Teguise.

What makes this sporting event different from the others that can be found in the island?

We can point out several differences that set Famara Total apart from the rest, mainly that Famara itself is “magic.” Famara means jable, Famara means beach, Famara means cliffs, Famara means La Caleta, Famara is the magic of its people, but above all of this, FAMARA IS TOTAL.

We have four tracks plus Famara Vertical. How has participation been in the past few years?

The number of runners grows steadily every year, but we do not wish this to become a massive event, since it takes place in a highly protected space and a large number of people could endanger it. This is why we are capping participation at eight hundred people for all future editions of the event.

Since there are four tracks, can anyone take part in it or do you need to be in a certain physical shape first?

Famara Total has been made for every kind of runner, with adapted tracks of seven and a half to fifteen kilometres made for beginners or people with little experience in mountain running , and distances of thirty to forty-five kilometres with a higher degree of difficulty and technique thought for expert runners.

From an organisational standpoint, what difficulties does preparing different tracks entail?

An event such as this one, where you have almost eight hundred participants, requires mobilising a large group of people to carry it out. You need organisational and logistical staff and, of course, a lot of security as well, both for the participants and the people who come to enjoy the race.

Is Famara Vertical, as a night race, suitable for beginners?

The Famara Total Vertical race presents an important degree of difficulty, and adding the fact that it takes place at night, no, this is not a race suitable for beginners.

What can the organisation recommend those who are getting ready to join the race regarding things like hydration, protection against the sun, et cetera?

Apart from the better-known recommendations and obligations that one must follow in this kind of races, it is important to remind the participants that they must show respect for the environment in which the race takes place. Famara is a unique and highly protected place, so we must be careful with it if we are going to practise sport here. This is the reason why we have, for the past two years, worked with an environmental company who acts as a referee, evaluating the event and writing a report at the end of it.

Before we end this interview, is there anything the organisation would like to add?

Famara Total was made for families to spend the day together. This does not only apply to the local runners, but also all those people who love sports and wish to enjoy and spend their holidays on a unique place such as Famara.